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Feedback on Devour and Void Breaches

Hey, so I've been relentlessly posting on twitter trying to get this feedback across but it seems impossible. Anyways, here's my thoughts on Devour and the new Void Breaches, as well as the new fragments and updates to old ones: Devour is very easy to proc on other non-Warlock classes, simply needing one orb pickup. With the addition of Void Breaches and means of generating them, it will get even easier. Currently, there's no distinction between Devour on Voidwalker (which should be the specialized subclass on Devour) and other subclasses. How could this be changed? 1) Change the base verb. Devour at base is insanely powerful and can be refreshed on kills by anyone. I believe the base verb should only be refreshable on warlock IF the player has Feed the Void equipped. Kills can still heal and grant grenade energy, but the timer will go down. I have a feeling it was the initial idea, since the aspect states that, even though the base verb description says the same. Regardless, I believe the potency of Devour on subclasses without Feed the Void should be reduced (less healing, less grenade energy). 2) Add functionality to Feed the Void Feed the Void could have an added functionality of making Void Breaches after defeating weakened targets, which would synergize very well with Child of the Old Gods, and also granting Devour on breach pick up. This would make it similar to Electrostatic Mind, since this aspect allows for various ways to generate ionic traces and enhances their generation over Spark of Ions. Please consider this feedback so Voidwalker keeps the Devour identity. Other void verbs aren't nearly as powerful and yet don't have many easy activation methods, relying on weapon perks and finishers.



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