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12/12/2022 2:55:38 PM

[BUG] Low Destiny2 fps on rtx 3070 mobile with latest nvidia drivers (5.27.56)

PC Bug Platform: STEAM CPU: Intel core i7-10875H 2.30GHZ 8 cores GPU: Nividia RTX 3070 laptop gpu RAM: 16GB GPU Driver: Nvidia 5.27.56 (latest) OS Version: Windows 11 DX Diag: Available on request Issue: After upgrading Nvidia drivers from 5.22.25 to 5.27.56 (or any version after 5.26) get frequent, persistent and reproducible frame rate drops to below 30 fps. Backing out the driver upgrade removes the problem. I have worked with Nvidia support and they have ruled out most system, 3d and power settings. Game is running with nvidia optimised settings. Nvidia have advised to take up the issue with Bungie. Repro: 1) Upgrade NVidia drivers to 5.27.56 2) Play nearly any activity for any length of time. Most of my testing has been with Europa based activities. Expected: The game performs as it did before the driver upgrade. Actual: Game performance is poor. In bursts of 15-30s in some encounters the frame rate drops below 30 fps and the game becomes unplayable. Anecdotally the issue seems, to me, to be situational, particularly bad around fog and other particle effects. Can't really link a video of the issue as I would have to use an overlay which would pollute the performance test.



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