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Dares Updated Perk Pools and why it sucks (for some)

I recently got all the borders for my DoE weapons without even checking that they updated all the perk pools to the most random perks like air assault, steady hands and turnabout for the head-scratchers. What I find blasphemous though is that they got rid of rangefinder and adrenaline junkie for the BxR and adagio for Wastelander just to name 3. I had a beautiful subsistence-adagio roll for my Wastelander and thought I didn’t need it anymore because I’d be able to craft it. I get that I can do vorpal now and it’s a flat 15% across the board for majors and bosses, but cmon. A 20% buff to Everything while making it seem even punchier while having the handling of a lightweight, you can’t go wrong. Been running the game more actively only the past year, have they ever retrograded their removals of perk rolls on weapons and brought back some fan favorites? I dunno, I guess I just feel more robbed knowing I may never get something like that again. It’s like blaming the player now for sunsetting things if they accidentally or unintentionally delete rolls that don’t exist anymore.



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