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10/7/2022 8:33:07 PM

Season 18 intro mission missing

So I did not get the intro mission for season 18. When I go to HELM I only get to see : KETCHCRASH & Last City : ELIKSNI QUARTER ( but when I go there it’s nothing there ) In the quests I have : Captains Atlas & Sails of the Shipstealer And in the seasonal challenges I have done the : Successful Expedition but did not get any Repute so I can’t turn that in. And to be able to finish the Captains Atlas I have 50/50 Map fragments but the Treasure Coordinates are at 80/325 and the only way I can get them is be doing KETCHCRASH and I get 5 each time I finish that means I have to play it 49 more time to be able to start on step 3 of 62 in Sails of the Shipstealer. How do I get what I paid for ?



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