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Missing the Ahoy and Aweigh Quest with Season Pass

I am a new player to Destiny 2, just picked it back up since it went f2p on battlenet but didn't migrate the account. I've done the all the prologue as well as the intro mission to this season and for Witch Queen. I decided to pick up this season as my friends were enjoying it and I do enjoy pirate-themed content. However, the only quests I have now is only gambit/crucible/vanguard or random ones I pick up around the tower. I've looked into the quest archive and had a friend walk me through screenshare, but there's nothing else I can access besides the dlc campaigns. I remember atleast being able to access the Red War campaign when I was on battlenet; it just seems my character is soft-locked behind something. I had the 'Armor Synthesis Introduction' quest in the seasonal tab, and this required completing the beyond light intro, but after completing this it did not give the 'Ahoy and Aweigh.' I've collected my rewards from the pass besides the plundered umbral energy, which I've seen seems to be locked behind completing Ketchcrash. However, I also do not have any option to launch Ketchcrash. Just curious if anyone has heard of this issue and could offer any potential remedy as my friend was very confused why I don't have access yet. I had my friend launch Ketchcrash as fireteam lead, but this ended up not helping resolve my issue.



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