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Arc 3.0 Hunter has a severe issue

This is to do with the "Lethal Current" aspect. This aspect in itself is FANTASTIC, it gives the Combination Blow Hunter build new strengths and fixes the main issue with it, ad clear. It does this by Jolting targets after dodging. HOWEVER, this causes a significant issue in higher-end content. The Jolt increases its damage with Combination Blow, BUT it does not count as a kill with the ability if it were to kill the target and not the actual melee hit. On paper this doesn't sound like an issue, but I tried using the build in a Master Lost Sector while 20 levels below, easily accomplishable with this build. I kept getting killed because of this ability, I would strike a red bar enemy with my melee, then hit again using Liar's Handshake to finish them off and get one stack of Combination Blow, then I dodge to get it back, now my next hit, I strike an enemy and it doesn't kill them because my melee damage isn't high enough yet, but then the Jolt kills them, nice, now I'm here almost dead from being up-close with my weak enemy killed and I didn't heal because the Jolt killed my target. My own ability working against me. If the Jolt from Lethal Current kills an enemy (only the initial target that is Jolted) it should count as a kill for Combination Blow. This means you can heal from the kill and gain your stack of Combination Blow. In the state it is now, you get -blam!- by your own abiity. This build is made to focus one enemy at a time and heal from EVERY kill you make with your melee, you cannot do that when the way you are FORCED to play it, kills your target and doesn't activate your heal. Please fix this Bungie, this build is made for endgame content, but with this severe weakness, it's incredibly unreliable, exactly what this build CANNOT be. This is coming from a Hunter main with over 6K hours in Destiny 2, I love this game and only want to see it shine. I ask again, please Bungie make the Jolt count as the melee kill, it already increases its damage with Combination Blow, just make it give the heal and take the ability along with the damage increase. Also, please buff Tempest Strike, it's so bad in comparison to the Warlock and Titan equivalents. Thank you.



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