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9/3/2022 11:42:50 AM

fps issues

First of all I know destiny 2 is not the best optimalized game but this is not OK. I have an avrage 80-120 fps while playing any activity. I play on 1080p everything turned off/low exept textures that's on high. SPEC: CPU:ryzen 5950x GPU:Asus rog strix 3090 RAM:32gb 3600mhz OS:windows 11 pro 64bit I have way more fps in other games with full graphic settings. Also I have seen people running the game with 200fps + all the time with a 2080. One of my friends is running the game in 4k with a 3080 ti with 170fps. I have noticed task manager display destiny 2 is using 0.1% gpu and around 5% cpu. Any ideas how should I get a massive fps increase? thanks for answears in advance



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