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8/27/2022 9:39:05 PM

Salvage and Salvation Quest Not Available After Returning to Orbit

Hi! I played the opening mission on one of my characters, and progressed through it just fine. I ended up switching characters later in the day looking for some weapons while the Companion App was down/slow. When I did, I was dragged into the starting mission, and ended up leaving before completing. When I go back to these characters now, I am not dragged into the mission, and instead am told to go to the Helm Star Chart to pick up the next mission. While this doesn't seem to be hurting my progress in the Season (although I've seen other posts about not being able to receive Umbral Energy after similar problems, and have yet to test this), I would love to play this mission again, for the story and cutscenes. Please allow this quest to be picked up from the Quest Archive, or to allow characters to be dragged into the quest on launch. Thanks in advance for looking in to this!



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