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8/27/2022 11:36:55 AM

Season 18 Feedback (short overview)

I wanna start this off with saying I myself have not played much PvP (only like 4 games tops) since the season started. They were all day one when the matchmaking was bugged. So I straight out refuse to provide any feedback on this as it is likely unhelpful. Furthermore I have not played anything except Warlock. So I will also not elaborate on the other classes at all and what I think of them as I'm sure mains of those classes could provide better feedback than I. Starting off I wanna hit weapon crafting. The tweaks to not HAVE to do deepsight is nice, and I do believe it's very welcomed but it does still have some aches. With the amount of weapons coming into the game that are being craftable, simply getting the red borders for all of them in a reasonable amount of time is difficult. I'm aware that this is supposed to be a sort of "back-up" to not getting the role you want which brings me to my next point. If it's supposed to be a "back-up" way to guarantee my roll that I want it taking time makes sense. Although how long is up for debate, I believe it should be shorter to respect player time. But it should immediately give me access to the roll that I want when I craft the weapon. The enhanced perks can take however long to unlock, I do not care they could be locked behind level 30, but the non-enhanced perks should all be available off rip. Alternatively we could speed up weapon level progression and (again) move the enhanced perks further down the level requirements. This should all still respect player time but I believe having the roll more immediately rather than having to grind even more for it is worth the trade off ultimately. Sandbox wise for weapons (aside from GLs) everything feels as if its in a great spot, I do sometimes feel as if 180 handcannons are a little on the weak end, but I believe that it lies within their reload being awful and not snappy like most other high rate of fire weapons. Glaives could also use some more love, they feel rather lackluster for a special weapon in terms of damage. Warlock Arc 3.0 feels great mostly. I do think ball lightning could use a little [i]jolt[/i], likely exclusive to the amped version. Chain lightnings damage does feel a little low and doesn't quite live up to the power fantasy of "chain lightning" though I think that lies more within how Jolt works rather than the melee itself but I am unsure. Now the bad part about Warlock Arc 3.0 is the supers, holy heck, they are awful. It feels as though they've been nerfed overall in terms of STRICTLY damage. Stormtrance has some of the worst damage in the game I've seen and even doing basic adclear with it without Stormdancers Brace is horrifically sad. Chaos Reach is not much better without Geomags. Its base damage output is also outright -blam!-. With their exotics they feel better, but its more of like to even use either of these supers the exotics for them feel mandatory, otherwise youre better off using special finisher and blinding enemies with special ammo. Losing transcendence really hurt stormtrances duration as well, making it even worse. While I dislike the idea of outright buffing the duration of stormtrance I dislike the idea of adding it to an aspect (or worse a fragment) even more because I dislike the whole "abilities need to be charged for perk to work" thing. It feels inherently awful to play like that in such an ability centered game. I would also like to see Heavy Handed (A Charged with Light mod) function properly with the teleport melee on Storm. It currently doesn't and that made me quite sad to see bc I would like to mix things up more aside from using just EleWells for ability uptime. Moving back to Solar Warlock, I do still think Dawnblade + Dawn Chorus needs a look at. Its awful now and I would like to see it return even somewhat. It doesn't have to be the strongest thing, but it needs to be better. Overall I do think the game is in a pretty good state for the PvE meta and there's very little tweaking that needs to be done



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