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8/23/2022 8:48:05 AM

QUANTUM of LIGHT is recruiting for the new season! Chill | Active | PvE clan

QoL was built for active guardians. For guardians whose friends no longer play. Those who are in forgotten clans. New Lights are also welcomed. We do all activities, raid on weekends (some weekdays too). We're looking for guardians who live for the grind. You must have a willingness to teach and be open to learn. No judgement. No elitism. No toxicity. No added pressures. Only good company and good vibes. New members will start as a Clan Beginner. [b]CLAN BEGINNER to CLAN MEMBER: [/b]- Join our Discord server first - - Be on the clan roster for more than a month - Clan engagement: in-game and chat Inactivity of one month for Clan beginners, approx. 2+ months for Clan Members will be reviewed for removal from the Clan Roster. Real life is always first! However, we want to save space for consistently active and engaging guardians. The ultimate goal is to create a prominent & chill environment in which you don’t have to lfg for most of your activities.



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