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8/22/2022 7:55:02 PM

New Warlock Class Ability in Arc 3.0

The Arc 3.0 preview has me excited pretty much across the board for all the changes we have coming. Im a very big fan of Titans getting an alt class ability because the Barricade seems extremely out of place for the players who just dont want to stop moving. Which brings me to Warlock Rift. Its basically the same problem, minus an alternative. I imagine the issue is preserving Arc Soul tied to rift, and having that interaction on "class ability" would be weird. I think its very worth it to find a way around this. I do not want to stop the zappy rampage to re-proc arc soul or cast a rift, so if possible I'd love to see something akin to Phoenix Dive on Stormcaller (...Thunderbird Dive, boom). This could replace rift, act as a way to maintain momentum in a fight, and either make the Warlock Amplified upon landing or summon Arc Soul for yourself and allies with the Fragment equipped. Would love to see this in an update pass after arc 3.0 launch. Maybe I'm pleasantly surprised tomorrow and its already in there!



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