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8/18/2022 10:03:48 PM
I honestly don’t get why everyone and their mother is getting up in arms over this one jump ability. I imagine that half of the folks who will try to use it will do so poorly and will just end up countered mid-air by people competent enough to keep distance. Like, is Blink really such a game-changer that you [i]need[/i] it on your arc class when it’s already available in two supers and one subclass? I don’t have any intention of using it on my Arcstrider, but if it does become a problem on Hunters it’ll just get nerfed in that regard. So I don’t feel like it’s as much of a problem as others make it out to be, unless the real problem that is getting others so wound up is the typical “because they have it and I don’t” reason disguised as class inequality.



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