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8/18/2022 6:53:25 PM

Arc Web. An Iconic Warlock ability

I have absolutely had it with this, they keep stealing warlock abilities and give it to everyone and its not right and they had better roll it back. Yes warlocks should get Arc Web on their grenades and melees while amplified, is that what we are getting and clearly deserve after all the other classes changes, no it isn't. Because Jolt is now Arc Web and it is A FRAGMENT, A FRAGMENT FOR EVERY SINGLE CLASS. iNcluding the titans who got a new grenade enhancing aspect that was clearly meant for warlocks. So yes, Titans will have better grenades and arc web than the warlocks. They have stolen our only classic and good abilities and given them all to all the classes thus nerfing warlocks and I have had it. I am done with this is ridiculous, and I can only hope that there is enough backlash from warlock mains for bungie to see what they have done cos I am angry and disappointed and I know most other warlock mains are as well.



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