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8/17/2022 9:15:43 PM

Arc 3.0 Wishlist delivered and then some

Some time ago I posted a wishlist of ability and gameplay changes I'd love to see in the Arc rework. Following the preview today, I am astonished to see nearly all of those items achieved or nearly achieved in some way and we dont even have a full view of all fragments coming. Hunter being given a new ranged arc super is an early christmas gift. Buildcrafting can finally focus on something other than Raiden Flux. Aspects fulfill the Monk-class fantasy I'd hoped for and enhance it in ways I hadnt even anticipated. Extremely happy to see more survivability options while doing combo blow loop. Im especially loving Disorienting Blow being something worth using. Titan being given so much new mobility on top of all the free damage resist without all of it being tied to melee is excellent. And I can Thundercrash without having a [b]completely useless subclass tree[/b]? Oh boy. Also cannot wait to see how hard people seethe about Juggernaut + Peregrine Greaves / Mk 44 Stand Asides with a Glaive 😃 Warlock, guys, thought for sure you were gonna get lazy and just go Arc Web, Arc Soul, Ionic Traces but the new mobility option is super dope and Arc Soul looks better than ever. Its really lowkey but I'm super glad to see faster rift regen around allies. Im Highkey happy to see you not pull your punch on Stormtrance and wrap top and bottom tree together. Might finally be all it can be in pvp. Cannot wait to play with this on Tueaday and see what crazy nonsense I can come up with, well done.



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