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7/28/2022 11:54:20 PM

About Next Season

Why is Bungie trying to push this idea of announcing/showing new content up until literal HOURS before releasing it? It doesn’t do anyone any good when there isn’t really anything to look at and get excited for. All we know is a raid reprisal and crucible tuning. Maybe arc 3.0 (likely though). But, it just makes things feel bleak. Kinda like driving in dense fog and not sure whether there’s ground ahead or just a sheer cliff. Let’s take a look back for a moment. Anybody remember Season of Dawn? Y’know, the legendary chapter where we saved the legendary titan Saint-14? When that season trailer dropped a week before the season launched, ngl, I got a little teary-eyed at the idea of meeting and saving such a badass titan in game. And, for a whole week up until season launch, I got the opportunity to discuss story possibilities and implications with my buddies. Lots of, “that’s sick af!” and, “I can’t wait!” moments were had for that week. That exact sentiment can be expressed for any season launch prior to this current season (haunted) and the the upcoming [REDACTED] season. Season of the Haunted only got its trailer released early because of an internal “mistake” from some cool fellow in Japan (I think, I don’t really remember). I don’t see it as a mistake but rather what they should do. I mean, seriously! What’s wrong with a little story tease and some sizzle reel of some upcoming changes? Something flashy to show off arc 3.0, maybe? I’d appreciate it greatly. I don’t know. Maybe there isn’t an arc 3.0 behind this curtain. Maybe it is there, but it’ll short-circuit on launch. Kind of how this season released with a half-baked solar 3.0. Let me know what you think. Should Bungie hold off ALL announcements/trailers until the last moment? Is the [REDACTED] raid definitely King’s Fall? [spoiler]it is[/spoiler] Should I just shut up and go play Gambit?



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