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6/30/2022 11:43:50 AM

My hopes for season of 18, A "Season of Contention".

I would hope that season 18 is a"[b]Season of Contention[/b]". A conflict within the Vanguard and possibly the City. Born from the issue of Crow trying to take the position of "[b]Hunter Vanguard[/b]". Many Guardians hate Crow do to his actions[spoiler]the killing of Cause-6[/spoiler] as Uldren Sov. Hunters are barely controllable by someone that they liked. I cannot see them accepting or following someone that they hated. Thus I see the season opening with an Assassination attempt in Crow as he is being sworn in as the Hunter Vanguard. The seasonal activities are split between an investigation into the assassination, and some manner challenge akin to the "wrath born hunts" from season of the hunt. A challenge that is meant to prove Crow's worth to the Hunter community.



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