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6/2/2022 10:03:38 PM

Secant Filaments should always heal you

The Secant Filaments exotic says that it grants devour when you cast your rift, and it does the job fine when you don't already have devour, but if you do have devour you get no heal from casting your rift. Voidwalkers ability to eat their grenade was removed, and these boots were supposed to replace that functionality, but as it stands you can't reliably use it to heal if devour is already active. Sometimes you pop your rift expecting a heal and nothing happens, it doesnt even extend the timer for your devour. I dont understand why it doesn't either, because Echo of Starvation has the exact same wording of granting you devour when picking up an orb, and if you have it equipped, orbs will always full heal you regardless of devour being active or not. As a side note about Secant Filaments, it's supposed to grant you an extended devour timer, but if you gain devour from a source other than your rift, you cannot get the extended timer from your rift without first letting the regular devour timer fall off. It would be nice if on top of granting you Devour, it could overwrite the previous timer, ensuring that you always have the 23 second cap rather than the 15 second cap.



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