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5/26/2022 11:47:01 PM

"Inspecting Your Subclass" Tooltip stuck on screen

I have a tooltip stuck on my screen telling me to inspect my subclass. When I do I'm told to talk to Ikora in the Tower, and I'm able to purchase stuff for the Void subclass, I can meditate and unlock [u]whatever I buy[/u] except the melee skill [i]"Snare Bomb"[/i], this skill will not register as unlocked, however - it gives the impression it has been purchased. (ref. yellow exclamation mark on icon). I can meditate as much as I want to and unlock everything else but the melee skill. The most frustrating part is the Tooltip that will not (whatever I try) go away, and second is the fact that the void subclass can't be equipped and points me to Ikora. Please help. Link to [url=]Imgur post[/url] with screenshots.



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