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Arc 3.0: Community Ideas and Open Discussion

Season 17 is here with the accompanying Solar 3.0 and so far the Community reception has been mixed. I'm not going to go into detail on the criticisms about Solar 3.0 but I can say that I can empathize with the Challenge the devs are facing in designing Solar 3.0. Void already had a lot going on with it before the rework so the Devs had plenty of ideas to work off of. Solar on the other hand, aside from burning and healing didn't really have as much going for it that the devs could draw off of. If I was to ask people before Solar 3.0 what Solar does 90% would have said that it either burns or heals people and that was it. Not a lot to go off of. That aside the devs are going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to designing Arc 3.0 as it has the same identity ambiguity that Solar has but worse (as in most people would probably just describe Arc as "chaining lightning"). That is why we as a community should take the proactive step in coming up with ideas for Arc 3.0 to help the Devs do a better job at designing Arc 3.0 for next season. That is the purpose of this thread, to have an open discussion at what Arc 3.0 should look like. So first off we should probably establish that two of the "key verbs" that will be probably be used in Arc 3.0 are "chain" and "blind" (which is confirmed in the bombardiers description). Other than that let's come up with a few more "key verbs" and how they'll integrate into class ability and aspects. Let's get this ball rolling!



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