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Why can't Voidwalker eat their grenade anymore?

One of the things that made devour feel so flavorful and unique from day 1 was the ability to consume your grenade to proc the effect. It was a great tool for staying alive as well. I like everything about Void 3.0 except this change, but as someone who has used almost exclusively devour since day 1, it feels like something I've relied on for the entire lifetime of this game was just removed for no reason. While getting a kill with your abilities is easy in theory, higher level activities contain enemies that may not die to a grenade. Handheld supernova was bundled into chaos accelerant as an empowered magnetic grenade, which I thought was an excellent way of incorporating it into Void 3.0. Why not do the same for this chargeable grenade? You could put it on the voidwall grenade, since it's a pretty underused grenade option now that everyone has access to suppressors, axions and vortexes. I don't feel like there's too much overlap with feed the void, because this would be a completely defensive way to gain devour as opposed to feed the void being a completely offensive way to gain it. As a side note, with void 3.0, every class has gained the ability to get devour in arguably the easiest way in destiny history, by picking up orbs of light. This has diminished Voidwalker's identity as the "devour" class since everyone has access to the simplest way of gaining devour for the low cost of a single helmet mod in conjunction with a fragment. Titans are capable of keeping up an almost endless amount of overshields which makes them feel unique. Hunters are capable of keeping up an almost endless amount of invisibility which makes them feel unique. But due to this new fragment, ALL classes are capable of keeping an almost endless amount of devour, which makes warlock feel outclassed by the other 2 classes in that regard. I already find myself playing my hunter way more because why not have the ability to go invisible on top of having devour up constantly? Because of this, I feel it could only help to preserve the identity of warlock by giving them back their original bread and butter for gaining devour.



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