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3/17/2022 8:14:55 PM

Void 3.0 Build: Volatile Pants (Volatile Rounds + Lucky Pants)

THIS BUILD DOES NOT RELY ON SEASONAL MODS! Weapons Any kinetic special with Demolitionist; I normally use a shotgun because of the need in this build to pick up orbs of power and wells, making it a somewhat close quarters build IKELOS_HC_V1.0.2 • Subsistence • Rampage • Backup Mag  Other void hand cannons work, but this is the only non-sunset precision frame and 180s work the best with Lucky Pants Any heavy you like; Parasite pairs well thanks to this build's huge add clear capabilities, but this can be anything you like to deal boss damage (since adds and majors are taken care of with the other two weapons) Armor Helmet (Void): • Harmonic Siphon 1: Orbs on matching subclass multikills • Kinetic Siphon 3: Orbs on kinetic multikills • *Reaping Wellmaker 2 (Void): First kill after dodge makes void well  Gauntlets (Stasis): • Grenade Kickstart 4 (Stasis): When grenade energy expended, regain grenade energy • Fastball 1: Increased grenades throw distance • *Elemental Armaments 2 (kills with subclass weapons make wells)  Chest:  • *Font of Might 4 [1]: Wells give short time of matching bonus subclass weapon damage  Lucky Pants (Solar): • x2 Innervation 1 (Solar): Grenade energy from orb pickup • *Elemental Ordinance 3: kills with grenades make subclass well  Cloak (Solar): • x2 Bomber 2 (Solar): Reduce grenade cooldown when using dodge • *Bountiful Wells 2 (Solar): Additional well, and well mods can stack to make more wells Optional Replacement Mod • *Volatile Flow 2 [Seasonal]: Picking up void well gives void weapons volatile rounds Subclass (Nightstalker) Super: Moebius Quiver • Slower Recharge rate than Deadfall • Able to kill things with weapons after super activation, unlike spectral blades • Holding a super keeps from picking up orbs. Cast your super often as you can Class Ability: Marksman Dodge • Reloads weapon for use with Lucky Pants • Activates mods and other abilities  Grenade: Scatter Grenade  • High damage to small area, normally guarantees a kill • Grenade kills needed to activate other mods and fragments Aspects Stylish Executioner (2 fragments): Go invisible after killing with void debuffed targets (volatile rounds, weakening grenades, Snare Bomb) • If timed right, you are invisible for all of the Out of Luck timer if you need to be safe, though devour would also take care of that. Vanishing Step (2 fragments): When activated before coming out of Stylish Executioner invisibility, timer is reset to Stylish Executioner times and extends weakening punch. • Reloads weapon with Marksman's Dodge • Encourages you to dodge often  Fragments Echo of Undermining • Weakening grenades to ensure grenade kills Echo of Instability  • Grenade defeats give 10 sec volatile rounds Echo of Starvation  • Picking up orbs give devour, which gives grenade energy back on kills Echo of Persistence • Longer invisibility and devour timers for larger window of effectiveness  Key Points of Gameplay Throwing grenades give grenade energy; grenade kills make a void well and give volatile rounds  Dodging gives grenade energy and next kill makes a void well  Picking up void wells give increased void weapon damage as well as ability energy (that means more grenade energy)  Multikills with any weapons give orbs of power; picking up these orbs give grenade energy and devour, which gives grenade energy when you kill Gameplay Loop Start out with a grenade kill, then switch to your hand cannon and do increasing damage (with extra explosion damage) to whatever you want deleted. I recommend killing a few adds first before killing majors, as it will ramp up rampage as well as save the biggest damage shots for the biggest targets. It makes all of your shots get the most bang for their buck.  Make sure to kill at least 2 things rapidly to make an orb of power. This shouldn't be hard with volatile round explosions everywhere. Pick up the orb and keep killing with devour active until you have your grenade back, which might or might not be when Lucky Pants is available again. A good strategy is to use up the rest of your hand cannon magazine, dodge to reload and get more grenade energy, and then kill with your demolitionist special to get your grenade back. Then just repeat. All throughout this time, you are going in and out of invisibility which confuses the enemy and keeps fire off of you. It can be a lot to keep track of, but you mostly just want to make sure that your devour time is always going and that you are dodging and picking up wells/orbs as much as you can to keep regenerating your grenade. Now you can explode things better than a warlock. You’re welcome.



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