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Volatile Flow is bugging out Devour on warlock - can't regen health or add to timer (video proof)

Edit 1: I did a lot more testing and no longer think it's Volatile Flow acting alone. This seems to be a very unique interaction when using a combination of Verity's Brow, Volatile Flow, and two orb mods on legs - Absolution and Innervation. I added a lot more detail to the Reddit post, but short story is changing my build to remove the orb mods resulted in using Volatile Flow without triggering the issue with Devour. Those mods and helmet combo probably deserve a much closer look together. - - - - - I'm linking to a Reddit post where I detailed this as well. I did not see this listed under [url=]Known Issues[/url] so I wanted to report it here for visibility. I've not seen this reported elsewhere but got a friend of mine in game to confirm the same was happening to him. I noticed today that I wasn't getting health back shortly after proccing devour while running with my void build. After testing, I found that the Volatile Flow mod appeared to be interfering with the normal warlock Devour ability. After triggering devour with a void grenade kill, picking up the void elemental well that dropped thanks to Elemental Ordnance, I'd have Volatile Flow set for my Funnelweb with subsistence / adrenaline junkie. However, while the first few kills would regen health and add to the Devour timer, it would shortly stop working, and I couldn't re-proc Devour. The only way to get it back was to wait for the timer to reach zero, then get another void ability kill. I also confirmed that you couldn't add to the timer if you switched to non-void weapons, the Devour ability would just be bugged until the timer went to zero, and then you'd have to start it again. Video links below: [url=]Video 1[/url]: I first noticed this when running the Exodus Garden 2A legend lost sector today, recorded two instances of having Devour up but not getting the benefit. [url=]Video 2[/url]: I went to a normal lost sector on Nessus to test whether it was interactions with the Champions but I still had the same problem on normal red bar adds, so it wasn't that. I then removed Volatile Flow and ran the Nessus lost sector, and was able to keep Devour up the whole time. That confirmed to me that Volatile Flow was causing the issue (no video for this part). [url=]Video 3[/url]: After reapplying Volatile Flow, I triggered the issue again, then before the Devour buff expired I switched to a stasis auto rifle (Herod-C) and got some kills, showing that Devour did not proc on those kills either. Apparently Volatile Flow would trigger the issue but after that, the whole ability is bugged, and no kills will re-proc Devour until the timer expires. Please reply or upvote if you've seen or experienced the same. Thank you!



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