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12/22/2021 10:06:20 PM

Bungie, you reduced super/ability spam in PvP... Can you now go back to Special Ammo box economy to prevent special weapon spam?

People running around almost the entire match in 6v6 with shotguns, sniper or any other special weapon is a mistake. Back in D1 Special Ammo boxes ensured several things in the patch state of "Age of Triumph": 1.) Ammo boxes provided additional strategic points of combat and prevented "big choke points*" of the combat flow in most modes 2.) Ammo boxes ensured a controlled flow of Special Ammo in the matches, preventing massive special weapon abuse unless high-skilled players killed several players that carried special ammo to get a higher count than 1-2 shots 3.) Ammo boxes had a value in matches, making them points of interests for players to move around and don't camp in cover for a long time. [i]* A "choke point" is a point on the map where players of both teams crowd up and fight each other for several gunfights. An example of such a choke point would be the hallway on Burning Shrine, next to Zone B, the In-/Outdoor Entrances on left and right side and the hallway between A and C with the Stairs in the middle of Burning Shrine[/i] Back in Destiny 1 the special ammo economy was disrupted by 1 single problem. Sidearms. For those not knowing, back in D1 Sidearms were SPECIAL WEAPONS that always spawn with 1 full mag. That meant, even with the changes to "No special on (re)spawn" the Sidearms always had 1 mag of ammo. Since in Destiny 2 the Sidearms are Primaries, this problem is eliminated. Most of you can't deny how often players run around with their Shotgun or Fusion Rifle instead of using their Primary. From my perspective as a Crucible Player since 7 years in both D1 and D2, Special Ammo should be a slightly "gamechanger". That means, the ammo should be more rare and heavy even more rare than it is now. Right now, there is nothing "special" about "special ammo". It is like running around in CoD with a Semtex Grenade Launcher all the time, every respawn. It is not really fun, just very annoying to play against. If you, Bungie, are planning to focus the game more on gunplay, then I say the best approach would be to also reduce the special weapon usage to move them into a spot where they are "Special weapons for special situations". Alongside with the Special Ammo boxes you should disable spawning with special ammo after the initial spawn of the match/round. That means in Trials/Elimination you will still spawn with your 2 shots of special but after that you have to find ammo boxes, making you not camp or hide on the map and allowing players to get an opening on very defensive playing players. In 6v6 modes this means that players have to play together as team more and go less on "lone wolf" kill-streaks because of having special ammo all the time. Good players will still have a strong impact with their primaries, but less with special weapons if they have no ammo. That also means in conclusion that players that are not that good at pvp will have a better chance of getting a kill or two before they get obliterated, compared to the current state of "special up all the time". If Bungie makes the game a bit slower with the reduction of super uptime, then they should also make the game more focused on playing 2 primaries or 1 primary and 1 special when you get the ammo sometimes. Allowing a slower pace will make place for more teamplay, less solo-carries and a better environment for a fun experience.



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