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Why is it necessary to have one team dominate?

There is no other game on the market currently, where one team consistently dominates the other. I do not believe that this is accidental. I believe that it’s baked into the matchmaking for reasons I don’t know or understand... but the fact of the matter is, its far too consistent to be random. Perhaps this theoretical model of, “everyone gets an amazing match” by proxy of being on the dominating team is doing something for the game that I’m not seeing, but I’ll tell you what I have observed... 1. Increased instances of AFK and quitters 2. Exacerbation of spawn trapping and other feelings of helplessness such as... 3. High time to kill Makes for several situations where engagements are off-balance and superior teams make use of concentrated fire. Which leads to... 4. The feeling of being constantly overwhelmed and double, sometimes triple teamed as the enemy team builds more power just as you gain any footing, which rolls right into... 5. The snowball effect of supers and heavy control. 6. The extension of time to complete quests and inevitable resentment of not being able to play the game much less be able to target specific quest requirements. Basically not enjoying the game but pushing through to get it over with. 7. Feeling forced into playing with groups and setting requirements for teammates such as kill to death ratio and titles such as unbroken, which concurrently leads to... 8. A greater number of pub stomping teams who steamroll the playlist Sending the given community at the time, into a cyclical spiral that produces all of the aforementioned effects of bad matchmaking and team balancing. 9. The pressure to use meta or cheese OHK weapons just to stay afloat and hold one’s own under poor circumstances. Horrible team balancing is on top of the fact that the PVP community has been all but ignored for the last year... there is nothing new save for seasonal meta shifts that Bungie insists on cramming down our throats. Outside of my pinnacle, why would I subject myself to being in a predictable, un-fun, engineered, losing situation? The answer is... I won’t, and many others won’t either... I also can’t in good faith recommend this game to my PVP oriented friends and family. - [x] For those of you who would like to make this a SBMM versus CBMM argument, spare me, because I experienced the exact same thing under SBMM, so from where I’m standing I don’t care if they add SBMM back, because the experience for me, was pretty much the same.



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