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Whisper of chains & Stasis vs HhsN & Contraverse

How is it ok for stasis to kill multiple enemies at once with stasis grenades, but not for Handheld Supernova not only that, but to get more than two people with HhsN you'd have to be lucky, or really good, but with stasis it's so brain dead. Why is it ok for Whisper of chains to have 38% or more dmg resistance all while being free to move, shoot, dodge, slide, and jump, but when Contraverse hold had 40% dmg resistance and only while holding a grenade charge and using an exotic perk well then it's bad and has to be nerfed into uselessness. Like wtf Bungie are you sure you aren't even a little biased against Warlocks cause the evidence is mounting. Can I actually get an answer here or is that to much to ask?



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