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Modificato da ThatZeroPlays: 12/30/2020 5:31:02 PM

Assassin's Cowl does not work with stasis melee

I'm sure this has already been reported, but if not, I wanted to ensure it's called out. For survivability in PvE, Assassins Cowl is my favorite exotic. However I was disappointed to find my ninja stars dont proc it. Considering Remnant is supposed to be our "Ice Ninja", I can only assume this is unintentional. I don't think assassins cowl is super meta, anyhow, so I don't see a reason this would "break" anything. It super fun to run with middle tree gunslinger or top tree arcstrider, I just want to run it on stasis now that I have it. I hope it gets patched sooner rather than later.



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