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Handheld Supernova nerf was overkill...again.

The nerf was overkill here's why and I'm sorry if I sound like an asshole, but I'm frustrated. They nerfed the ready speed for the handheld and they nerfed how long you can hold it before releasing. Both of those nerfs inadvertently nerfed contraverse hold because the dmg resistance doesn't proc till you have the HHSN ready to release and the hold doesn't last more than two second and contraverse caught that 20% cut so no more tanking chaperone even with eight resilience which is a heavy investment. So you're dmg resistance goes up by 20% for two seconds and it takes like a second and a half to get the HHSN up by then the ape has already killed me twice and is just bagging me now. And the self harm is a OHKO to yourself no matter how much health you have not even Nova bomb and blade barrage kill you when you use them at point blank range. The nerf was over kill they made the same mistake twice on the same void branch bungie doesn't learn from it's mistakes they lack foresight I just don't see why it's so hard to nerf HHSN and contraverse hold in increments you know like they do every other exotic, ability, and weapon. It's such a dumb move I honestly can't believe they did it TWICE to the same branch these big chunk nerfs are bad because they make heavy changes and make things go from being super potent to super useless there's no in-between because they don't leave room for it. Thats why you're supposed to nerf piece by piece. Let me nerf the spread, range, and blast radius of HHSN and if that doesn't work let's see what else we can do, but no you guys were either impatient, lazy, or just have it out for middle tree void walker. The self harm dmg is supposed to be there because you can kill multiple ppl at once with HHSN, but is that even really possible anymore with the nerf to the spread of the blast, the nerf to the blast radius, range, and charge time of the attack. It seems super unlikely to me. So what's the point of the self harm now? INCREMENTAL nerfs would have worked fine for balancing HHSN. But bungie got lazy or impatient or some other bullshit. Sorry but you guys are killing me with your decision making skills and thought process on these nerfs. Warlocks and Titans got screwed with these nerfs and Hunters got a slap on the wrist as if they weren't already prominent enough in the crucible. Well hopefully you won't take two or three seasons to fix HHSN like you did with the super last time around. I know you guys are busy as heck and you got a'lot on your plate lately, but come on it was supposed to be trials season and you just nerfed the life out of mostly everything except hunters its bull. Killed my hype for the season in a matter of matches lol.



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