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More bright dust per extra bounty?

I've spent over $100 in silver in this game and would like to not spend any more, when you have to buy the content on every platform you play. So, I've been saving up for the hilarious broom sparrow and am only 50 away. However, the extra bounties (whether from Zavalla or Shaxx) only give you 10 bright dust upon completion. They are easy, but not [i]that[/i] easy in terms of time-to-complete. Can we make it 25? Or even 50? That would make my day. I understand the need to keep revenue coming in via the eververse store, but I cannot spend any more real $ at this point giving the aforementioned... EDIT: People are saying me purchasing silver is why they won't change it. I purchased silver to boost my alts and buy maybe 3 cosmetics. I have yet to buy anything since and don't plan on it in the future. I am happy to keep buying annual passes to support them but am not a frequent Eververse store customer whatsoever.



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