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9/22/2019 12:36:36 PM

I just completed 75 matches of crucible for redrix's broadsword. Here is my oppinion on crucible and pinnacle weapons.

1: Stop making 50% of the matches in comp -blam!-ing control. 2: Why the -blam!- is it, that all the teams gets faced against me? I've only ever had a 2/3-stack on my team 4 times, because matchmaking sets them on the other team. This really needs fixing. 3: To try and kill two flies at onces, I went for revoker, since I need glory points. Why do I only get 50 from a win? I know this has to do with win-streaks, but for the average player, this is gonna take -blam!-ing forever, since a solo player who maybe doesn't a alot of friends to play with, cant get win-streaks. So getting 3500 points mey seem impossible for some people. 4: I am by no means a great pvp player, but I am not total shit either. I have to play solo, since my friends doesn't have time to play 90% of the time, so getting the pinnacle weapons is so much harder for a player like myself. I have crawled through shit to and gotten recluse and luna's, and I view this as achievements, but seing how hard it is to get some of these weapons, makes some people never wanna try and go for them. Take mountain top for example. Final blows, pretty easy. But opponents rapidly defeated? First off, heavy is hard to come by in crucible, plus the fact that there is 7-11 other people going for it aswell. That plus the fact that you need 2 people to be close to each other, and the you need to kill them both, before getting killed yourself. This is not easy, and you need a -blam!- ton of kills to get it done. And if you wanna raid, you're pretty much looked down upon if you don't have mountain top. "jUst DoNT Go FOr thE WeAPonS THeN SmH" I hear some of you say. And while I see where you're comming from, some people are massive collectors, and "need" to get the weapons. Im probably gonna get a lot of shit for saying this, and if you're the one to say "if you dont like it, just dont play forehead", you're stupid. I'm saying this because I feel like it is necessary to bring some of these things up, and playing 75 matches in row, certainly teaches you a lot about the state of D2 pvp. If you disagree, we can have a friendly discussion, but if you're toxic, just -blam!- off.



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