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6/1/2019 5:58:28 PM

Team Balancing In QP Punishes Good Players

Like 90% of my matches when im solo queuing the team balancing in qp just butchers me and gives you non fun experience. If you are a good player, you are instantly reward with having all the bad players in the lobby in your team. Since technically you are better than everyone in the team so the teams get balanced it would be unfair to put good players in the same team. But what this then creates a a environment that leaves you with your blueberries getting farmed from the opposite team cause you know theres this marvelous thing called Team Shooting. Does not matter how good you are, team shooting will always win in Destiny’s pvp. You can literally go 40-50 opponents defeated and bungie will still reward you with a loss because of team balancing. Thus punishing the better player in the entire lobby. You yourself as a good player could be n will be farming the enemy team like its nothing, but at the end of the match your randoms will have to up 10 kills or less. Lol something needs to be done about team balancing in qp, its not fun anymore unless you are 3 stacking minimum



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