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Modificato da Dante: 11/1/2017 7:39:08 PM

[PC] [EU] [BE] [BuJu] BungieJump [Casual/friendly] [Discord] [non-competitive] [PVE] [Strikes/Nightfall] [Raiding]

Greetings, fellow guardians We are [b]BungieJump[/b], an adult casual clan who play purely for fun. Currently, with the release of the Leviathan Raid, we are looking to recruit other guardians. Public events, Strikes, Nightfall, Raids,... PVE, basically. We're not the biggest fan of PVP. While there is nothing wrong with it, we personally are more PVE based. We also have an active Discord channel where we are every day. Keep in mind, we are [b]Belgian[/b], but speak english fluently. It would be ideal if you're Belgian yourself, although we accept anyone that speaks english. Are you interested in joining our clan? Apply here: Feel free to add me on Battle.Net @ [b]Dante#29794[/b] Also ask me for a Discord invite. I'm looking forward to your response! ~[i]BungieJump[/i]



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