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Didn't get Humble Gestures package

I purchased TTK Digital Collector's Edition via Gamestop on June 22nd and haven't seen anything regarding the Humble Gestures package, or the additional silver mentioned for people who made this pre-order? I posted about this a few days back in the other Help forum before this became active, but haven't seen any response or action in the last few days. I have the receipt I can happily forward or copy here if that's all I need to do? Gamertag is the same as my username on X1. [b]EDIT 1:[/b] If you have this same problem, make sure you've got your receipt handy proving date of purchase! If we can get this at least back to the top of the forum for a bit, we may see a resolution. Be sure to include your Gamertag or PSN_ID! [b]EDIT 2:[/b] Not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed to have seen no action on this, or any response at least... Still hoping something is in the works...



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