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postato inizialmente in: Why are some 32s such dicks
3/17/2015 3:25:57 PM
I know right? I asked someone to do the nightfall with me and a friend last night as I had yet to do it on my hunter, not knowing that he was a 32 (I just asked pretty much everyone in the room as we were kinda desperate). During the nightfall he started bossing us around like it was nobody's business. Now I'm fine following instructions, but when a player who is a single level above me starts to bark orders like he's my IRL superior I don't respond well to it. The only time I've seen levels have a visible difference is during a raid. So during the strike we talking about how we've done the raids a couple of times but weren't really that experienced, then he starts going on about how he could get us a group for Crota Normal. He then says he can only take ONE 31, and when I asked why he didn't even clearly give a reason. He then notices that I had my Eidolon ally equipped (I switched really quickly and wasn't using my primary at the time anyway) and asks if I have the crux. I obviously say no because I'm not mentally ready for hard mode. So he hears that and starts to brag about how he plays 12 raids a week and has like 5 Crux of Crota. Then the rewards screen comes up and I get Voidfang Vestments for my Voidwalker when it's levelled it up. It's my first voidwalker exotic so I'm pretty happy with it, then he starts to put me down saying how it's one of the worst exotics he's got. After the strike we're all in orbit and he's bragging again about how many exotics he has. He starts to judge me on the weapon I enjoy using (Universal Remote). At this point I'm like nah I've had enough of this. I say "I'm gonna head off" and leave. TL;DR ---- People can be braggy dicks sometimes.



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