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The NezCafe Incident

Edit: I still am not a huge fan of how they built up to the finale scene and the delivery itself. However after further considering the lore I think there is a possibility that Nezarec is not done and will still play a big part going forward, please read my copium predictions here if you have time and let me know what you think, I think the seasonal story may still end up being better than first appeared and I'm now reserving my judgement at least until next week when we get more info. Thanks Original post: Way to take a character that was very intimidating and powerful in the lore and then make him seem completely irrelevant and impotent. What happened to Nezarec's terrible corrupting influence and the relics hold on Mithrax? Instead he completely out of nowhere has the epiphany to simply convert the terrible "final god of pain" into a soothing and invigorating cup of darkness and chamomile tea? Really WTF is that crap? Then like hey Osiris is in a coma from being possessed by Savathun, let's shove this essence of another darkness god/disciple in his face and see what happens, that totally doesn't seem like an ill fated and irresponsible decision. And then it just inexplicably cures him with no real explanation and apparently zero side effects... This is either just really inconsistent with the lore or more likely we are going to find out there is some consequence later on but just makes it predictable and kind of hokey/corny, like ohhh who could have seen that coming?! Oh wait everyone... In general really disappointing end to the season, some of the weakest writing in destiny ever (seasonal stories up until this point has been good) and in my mind any reference to this event going forward will always be remembered comically in my mind as the NezCafe incident.

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