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[MAJOR] Expansion 2 uncovered by Reddit leaker

Apparently a group of Redditors datamined Expansion 2, and a lot of details match up with in-game lore from Curse of Osiris and the base game. [spoiler]Apparently, it's called "Heralds of Nezarec."[/spoiler] Check out the post. I'd take it with a grain of salt for right now, but it does line up with several details. [u][EDIT]: Post was removed, but I managed to copy and paste the original one.[/u] With the Dawning now having been released, several sources of mine have datamined what appears to be major content from the upcoming expansion in 2018: [spoiler]Expansion 2 is apparently titled Heralds of Nezarec The setting takes place on Enceladus, featuring a new destination, story campaign, and 3 strikes. The storyline revolves around a massive ship that has crashed on Enceladus's Frigid Wastes, which has apparently released a dark force onto the planet. Guardians will work alongside Ana Bray, as they attempt to find the source of the dark incursion. Rasputin plays a major role in the expansion's story, as he is warring with this dark force on Enceladus. Two new enemy races: Frames and Heralds It seems as if an entity called Nezarec is the main antagonist of the expansion. 10 New story missions. 3 New strikes: Sanctum of Darkness, Bal'zoth's March, and Rasputin's Defense. Enceladus's main environment takes place within the Frigid Wastes. Additionally, it seems as if Guardians will infiltrate the Herald's ship, known as "The Anomaly." There's also a new raid lair within the Leviathan titled "Prison of Nightmares," taking place entirely within Calus's nightmare realm from the Leviathan raid. It seems as if we'll be facing Psion and Fallen enemies, with the final boss being Freeborn Otzot. The storyline seems to lead to the events of another major expansion, or Destiny 3. Based on what we've datamined, the expansion's storyline is definitely about the Darkness - which has come sooner rather than later.[/spoiler] A lot of what my friends and I uncovered also originated from files within the game - which seemed to have been posted up after the Dawning event began.

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