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10/20/2014 10:04:35 PM

I need to speak to a dev not a bot. I have a huge problem I need to discuss politely regarding lost items.

Hello. I am currently upset and bummed at the fact I accidentally dismantled a legendary auto rifle, a Hex Caster ARC which was nearly fully upgraded, and I look on the forums and help pages, and see that bungie cannot restore dismantled items. I suggest a system, that lets you restore 1 dismantled item, however, once restored, that item will never be dismantable again. In order to keep people from farming. I cannot tell you how angry I am but I ask to restore my Hex Caster, it doesn't have to be upgraded. But Bungie I'm shocked how bad of a reputation you are getting from the Destiny launch, and I understand. But to gain more people playing it, and more you know cha-ching. It'd be nice to support a user friendly system to expand consumers and balance sales and features of the game. Destiny would be a lot better with this system. But please, I just ask, restore my Hex Caster. Comment a yes or no in the comments, to tell bungie if they should implement a system like this.

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