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Things that should happen in Destiny

Great ideas


Decent ideas


Worst ideas


This will sound like a needs list but this is what I think should be in the game (before/after) release of the game. Here's a list of the things More options like... 1. New voices to choose (different choice voices famous ones if possible) 2. Customizable ghosts (colors, voices, personalities etc.) 3. Sell unwanted items besides dismantling (I don't mind dismantling) 4. Body parts more customizable (chest, legs, arms, heads etc.) (different body shapes) 5. New vehicles (for future dlcs if possible) (Warthog related, tanks etc.) 6. Expandable universe (How far can I go?) 7. Fun activities inside and outside of the tower (If I don't feel doing missions) (hangouts, shooting rallys, fan made contests, races etc.) 8. Make materials more useful (What can I do with them?) 9. Cross platforming (I'm on the Xbox one/PS4 and the other is playing on the Xbox 360/PS3 I want to be able to play together) 10. Newer models (Make the weapons, armor etc. look different; not the same) 11. Make vehicles customizable (add weapons, upgrades, paint jobs etc.) 12. Environment (wildlife, changing weather etc.) 13. More Interactions (dance moves, introductions etc.) 14. Setting (Apartments, hangouts , other regions of Earth etc.) 15. Accessories (Dog tags, physical emblems, markings etc.) 16. Trading option 17. Drivable vehicles (hijacking & ride alongs) 18. Media entertainment (for community) (Create movies, snapshots, screenshots etc.) 19. Forge (Create our own maps) 20. Names (Name our guardians) 21. Different weaponry (Give options on melee weapons similar katana-like, axe or knife) 22. Powers (Let us buy different powers instead of using the ones that were given already) Don't get me wrong I love the game I just hope these things will be added to the game. Do you agree with me on these ideas?

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