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10/21/2013 1:53:02 AM


So, I've been working a few theories based on the most recent LoK episode. First, what's the relationship between Vaatu and Unalaq? Now, you might be thinking, "why would you ask that? There's no reason to ask that!" Well, if you would remember, Vaatu was trapped in the Spirit World, which we saw Unalaq coming from in the episode before last. What use would Unalaq have with going into the Spirit World? Why, to see his master Vaatu. Hear me out, here. I've got two angles on this. The first, is that Unalaq made a deal with the devil (Vaatu) to obtain power. Vaatu, in exchange, asked for Unalaqs help in escaping and exacting revenge on Raava, who is now in the Avatar. The other angle is that Unalaq, thinking that all spirits are the best thing [i][b]ever[/b][/i], was tricked by Vaatu – much like Wan was. Second, I'm trying to find an angle for Varrick. I'm leaning in the direction of crazy Vaatu worshipping cult, given his eccentricity. I'd like the Seventh Columns take on it. So, thoughts?

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