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7/4/2013 10:38:52 PM

Favorite DC Animated Cartoon

Batman: The Animated Series (+ New Batman Adven..)


Superman: The Animated Series


Batman Beyond


Teen Titans


Justice League (Justice League Unlimited)






Of the cartoon series that have been produced for the DC universe, which one has been your personal favorite (if you have one), and why? I've recently (within the last year) gotten into the different animated series produced for DC, and have found that I generally enjoy them; especially the DC Animated Universe series. However, there are certainly more that are not in the DC Animated Universe such as Teen Titans and Young Justice, but at least to me, it was Batman Beyond that really grabbed my attention. It had a dark theme overall, and I found the futuristic environment interesting. For that, I would have to say Batman Beyond is my favorite. Here are some links to the intros of some to refresh some memories (if they exist): [url=]Batman: The Animated Series[/url] [url=]Superman: The Animated Series (theme)[/url] [url=]Batman Beyond[/url] [url=]Static Shock[/url] [url=]The Zeta Project[/url] [url=]Teen Titans[/url] [url=]Justice League[/url] [url=]Justice League Unlimited[/url] [url=]Young Justice[/url] [url=]The Batman[/url] Also, if you own any DC animated series, be sure to list them out! I own: - Batman: The Animated Series (arriving next week) - Superman: The Animated Series - Batman Beyond - Justice League and Justice League Unlimited - Young Justice - Miscellaneous DC animated movies I would like to get either Teen Titans or Static Shock next, but their DVD offerings are more limited. (The embedded video is for one of the upcoming movies so it's really not a series, but it looked cool)

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