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Editado por Taco: 6/29/2013 5:58:32 PM

Coup, anyone?

Anyone working on theirs? Not that backgrounds will be coming anytime soon, but it's good to get a head start so you can put yours on as soon as it's here! I just finished this one. I've also made a [url=]template [/url]for the new site today, although it might not work perfectly once Coup is fully released -- I'll fix any problems as development continues. EDIT: If you weren't aware, Coup is a script for these forums that lets users have personalized post-styles, themed to their discretion. Users can see each-others' Coups and have a jolly good time ruining their confidence by criticizing them. [url=]Here's the thread where you can download the current version and learn a bit more if you're interested.[/url] Currently, Coup 6 only supports custom avatars and name coloring.

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