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3/8/2023 6:35:36 PM

Orbs from unpowered melee ie glaives

Yes I want Glaives to be able to make orbs


No I hate melee builds


We have so many ways to make orbs and so many ways to make a passable glaive build where all that is even sort of missing is this one feature. Either count glaive or another unpowered melee as kinetic and let it make orbs that way or make it count as its own thing. Make it a 3 or 4 cost mod even. I just do not get why they do not do this final thing to make melee more viable. I do understand there was a solid goal put out by Bungie that they do not want melee build to be viable however I can't help but question why and how if that is the case why then do they have so many tools already in place to help make it work. They have already done so much to run counter to that stated goal. I would love to know if I am a crazy outlier here so here is a poll to see support. I would love for this to get attention enough to actually make this happen. Let us have more melee builds in our space rpg.

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