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3/16/2023 8:44:50 PM

Purchased Lightfall & Annual Pass not providing Lightfall

Earlier today I decided to purchase Lightfall, but also decided to go with the Annual Pass. Due to this, I got the expanded bundle which gave me both. I loaded up, I had access to the pass, the Helm items, and I get really excited, went and put some of the new weapons in my vault, went to then go claim a quest and it was locked behind "Requires Destiny 2: Lightfall" . . . I just purchased this, and in the store it has made a duplicate of Lightfall showing two of them. It is asking me to purchase the one without the tick, yet I just paid £80 for this. I also have the receipt to prove it if any moderators do require the evidence. Any help would be greatly appreciated, can't be throwing this kind of money on nothing. I have reset my game multiple times and verified my files.

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