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3/7/2023 12:44:23 AM

Some Requests for some UI/UX improvements/tweaks and other Suggestions of note

Greetings, After playing a lot this week I have some improvement points that might be worth looking into the future if possible. I want to preface the controls related suggestions with the info that this is on PC and may or may not translate to controller very well. First, I'm going to get some more complicated suggestions I'm sure you might have heard out of the way: 1) The buff/debuff list still needs some work but it sounds like there are some experiments going on with reticule info 2) It would be nice to save loadouts without weapons 3) Parasite should get Pulse Monitor as a catalyst at some point 4) Legacy focusing is great, however I don't think being locked out by previous acquisition is necessary at this point in the game's life cycle, giving access to players who missed some regular weapons/armor isn't going to upset the balance of things. You can even make the cost for the first more expensive/involved if you want. Now for some """smaller""" requests: 1) Loadout Icon/Color/Name changing would be better if we could cycle options forward and backwards. Similarly the controls, as they stand, need to be consolidated to either the arrows or WASD, not both as they are at the moment 2) It has been so long since vendors have gotten multiple pages to their screens, we should be able to navigate them with WASD at this point. 3) We definitely need more time for commendations on Gambit and Crucible specifically. It doesn't need much, maybe 10-20 more secs. 4) With the moving of Glimmer/Shards/Silver etc.. to the inventory screen, it would be nice, with that extra space below it, to move enhancement cores/prisms/ascendant shards there as well and remove the cap on them or at least increase it to three times what it is now. 5) Can we be able to remove a currently socketed mod on a weapon of armor piece with just a right click instead of navigating to the remove option? 6) Similarly, on the loadout screen, could there be a keybind to clear ALL mods in ALL gear? 7) Could it be possible to navigate between or at least to the ornament/fashion screen from the loadout screen. 8) Just like the collections tab, a (Hold interact to mark all as seen) for the emote section so it could stop flashing with having to go and find which emote I unlocked is kinda overdue at this point. 9) When previewing ornaments on the fashion screen, you should be able to unlock them from the slot without navigating the ornament menu to unlock it. 10) The Universal Ornaments section doesn't display all ornaments, such as the previous offerings from Festival of the Lost, unless you've already unlocked them. It is extremely important for fashion purposes to at least see what ornaments were missed from events and the like. This concludes my personal list of things that could be improved upon. Thank you for your time.

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