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1/24/2023 2:12:02 AM

Collapse Lore

One thing I keep seeing (or not seeing) is the fruition of story on the Collapse. We have a mountain of lore that My Name is Byf and Myelin Games both have fleshed out for us, yet Bungie seems to never touch it. Nothing of Shin Malfur, nothing of the seraph frames, the Veil, the strange nature of the Darkness poison that suffocated life on Earth (was it Blight?), among many other things. To their credit, they touched on “the day the collapse happened, the sky filled with darkness, and the second day, the traveler fell.” But that is about it. Dear Bungie: please develop a lore gathering secret mission. One that gives a “memory” of the collapse, like what Assassins Creed 2 did with “the Truth” cutscenes.
#destiny2 #lore

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