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9/25/2022 4:36:27 AM

Maybe give people a chance.

Me: Trying to do a raid for the first time, stating I'm new to raiding. Several fireteams: "Hur durr, you don't have the gear we want you to have that is rng based. Get out." Recent Fireteam: lets me join, didn't even tell my about the weapons they want me to get, friendly, tells me what task I should do and explains, did well where we had to kill witches then Taken Knights till ogres appear, told me what I did wrong if I made a mistake, let's me type due to unable to use a headset atm, conga line. I may not be able to use god weapons, but don't diss on people for wanting to try and learn how raids work. I did really well and will still do well. Trial and error is a thing. That's all for my rant. Thanks for the recent Fireteam I join for giving me a chance and explaining stuff for me. Sorry we didn't get to make it to the end cus of time.
#Destiny #rant

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