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9/9/2022 6:18:37 PM

Public API can't access my Destiny 1 info. Can play game perfectly. "BungieError:1618"

When Epic account linking launched, I went ahead and did it cause I figured why not. However that lead me to getting Tapir'd in D1 for the first week or so of season 18. This was eventually resolved though I'm not sure how as I never took any action about this myself, other than posting a forum post much similiar to this. However Destiny Item Manager still fails to load any of my D1 info, stating issues on the Bungie side of things, specifying BungieError 1618. Searching this error leads to a couple different github pages that were commented on by a BNG user stating it should be resolved from 2018. I have also since unlinked all my cross saves to see if this would help but has not.

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