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5/21/2022 11:51:06 PM

Guardian Games Emblem Customization

Under the Guardian Games Emblems customization, you can display your world ranking in terms of percentage on the Emblems you can earn in Guardian Games. However they only display the percentage and don't say "Top X%". My question is, is there ANYWAY too get the "Seasons - Ranking" for the Emblem "Archive of Twilight" (or any Guardian Games Emblems) too display "Top 1%" or maybe "Top 10%" instead of only "1%"? Without the word Top in there, it feels less meaningful in terms of participation in Guardian Games when using the Bungie Store too unlock in game Emblems from completing challenges. If this change cant happen for whatever reason, that's okay. Just thought id propose this idea here instead of emailing Customer Support. Thanks for another great Season Bungie, Looking forward too Season 17!

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