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4/11/2021 2:54:51 AM

Bungie Pls: Bring Back Story Mission Playlist (w/ Difficulties/Modifiers)

Hey Bungie! Would it be possible for daily story missions to come back to the game? Season 13 has been so enjoyable that I've been motivated to catch my other characters up to power level! I am usually a Hunter only. I haven't played Forsaken's, Shadowkeep's, or Beyond Light's campaigns whatsoever on my Warlock or Titan. Playing these missions back remind me that they are downright awesome, and inspire me to play Destiny 2 as a whole. I feel like Destiny 1 post-AoT nailed it. Every day/week, you had a story mission, strikes, crucible playlist, and nightfall to pursue. In D2, story missions would fit right into the Vanguard node in the Director alongside normal strikes, battlegrounds, and nightfalls/GMs. This system would streamline how story missions are done nowadays compared to the a rotating node on The Moon and the banners next to Variks on Europa. I haven't really ever gone back to those! It would make sense here because the background art of the Vanguard node exhibits Zavala *and* Ikora. Ikora has been involved with story missions in the past, so it's a shame those have gone away! Ikora could get bounties in the tower, whereas the actual Challenges could correspond to the Story Mission activity node in the Director. Add on the same modifiers as those for strikes/battlegrounds or maybe even difficulty modes like those for nightfalls, and there is so much potential! Bottom line: I would play the game more if I could return to and interact with this awesome universe you guys have built up over the years. Being more knowledgeable about the past might make me appreciate the newer stuff more too. Who knows! Bungie pls pls pls pls pls.

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