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1/12/2021 6:23:29 PM

Bug? Ornaments on companion app

So I’ve always liked using the 3D model view on the mobile app, it’s great for drawing guardians! Unfortunately I’ve never been able to change ornaments on armor through the app. If you choose an armor piece you can view all your ornaments but, when you choose one and tell the app to equip it the app asks if you’re sure and then spins endlessly if you say yes. Even if you choose the default, no ornament, option. My question is: Whether this is intended to not be an option in the app, or is it a bug that the feature doesn’t work? I can do so much else with gear through the app but ornaments are no go’s even on Exotics. I love this game and think the QOL the app provides is great but this is a little thing that has bugged me for years, felt it was time to share that.

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