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10/26/2020 4:20:09 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 25

Day 25: Pyramid Back at the Moon, Ash Parth didn't have anything to do and there was nothing special going on. He just decided to head to the Pyramid that was stationed down here under the surface. Where Eris Morn examines the thing in case. To see if the Darkness does anything funny besides the Nightmares. He can only remember the word that can never get out of his head. Salvation. As if Guardians need salvation. Parth, for example, continues to fight in a never-ending cycle for redemption and it is not easy to grasp with spite hurling towards him. Like he can care about redemption at this point with the egotism most of the Guardians these days are deluded to keep to themselves. What would Tara tell him if she were still alive? Regardless, he knows that an end always has to come especially for Mars, Mercury, Titan and even Io being invaded by the Pyramids. Savathun still lurks in the shadows with her Taken to get the power. Even when Parth fought against Nokris in the Court of Savathun, he can hear those words again. "Ancient powers await you at Europa," the Pyramid speaks through Dusk that one time. Whatever power awaits him might be that "salvation" they were telling Parth and many others if it leads to his redemption. The only thought that counts is to survey while protecting others in the shadows. Even if it means walking between the thin line of Light and Dark as Uldren Sov says.

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